The 1700 member Driftpile Band is situated 30 kms. west of Swan River (or 3 hours and 15 minutes northwest of Edmonton)

The Driftpile Reserve itself is over 15,000 acres in size and sprawls along 10 kms of sandy shoreline on the south side of Lesser Slave Lake.

Highway #2 runs directly through the reserve and provides good access to the lake.



The Driftpile Cree Nation is seeking a Health Director. This position is responsible for the administrative management including reporting functions, and personnel management and supervision of the Health Services Programs. All applicants must have health program administrative and service delivery experience including comprehensive knowledge of the various and applicable health programs and services.


The Driftpile Band also enjoys a stable political environment and welcomes
the prospect of developing tourism on the reserve.
With relatively high unemployment, the project represents
badly needed jobs and economic opportunity for the
future growth and development of the band.

Driftpile Cree Nation

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Driftpile Cree Nation


The Driftpile Cree Nation (DCN) is a First Nation in Northern Alberta, located along the shores of the Lesser Slave Lake.

The DCN invites qualified individuals to submit proposals to provide Electoral Officer services for the upcoming 2018 election for the positions of 1 Chief and up to 9 Councillors in accordance with the Indian Band Election Regulations.

The successful proponent will be responsible to provide the following deliverables:

  • Post and mail out nomination meeting information and material as set out in the Indian Band Election Regulations and Electoral Officer's Handbook
  • Plan and facilitate Driftpile Cree Nation's Nomination Meeting
  • Administer Driftpile Cree Nation candidate withdrawal process
  • Develop and mail voting/ballot packages to all Driftpile Cree Nation off-reserve voting band members as well as any on-reserve voting band members requesting same
  • Administer and supervise Driftpile Cree Nation's election day
  • Provide any final reporting as required by Driftpile Cree Nation and Indigenous Services Canada

Proposal pricing must include labour, support staff expenses, material, equipment, and three references.

Sealed proposals will be accepted until 12:00 PM MST September 5th, 2018. Proposals must be signed, submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:

John R. Giroux, Acting Administrator
Driftpile Cree Nation
Box 30
Driftpile, Alberta
T0G 0V0

Proposals can also be submitted by email to ecdev@dpcn.ca

Driftpile Cree Nation


The Driftpile Cree Nation is seeking a Health Director. This position is responsible for the administrative management including reporting functions, and personnel management and supervision of the Health Services Programs. All applicants must have Health program administrative and service delivery experience including comprehensive knowledge of the various and applicable Health programs and services.


  • Provides management toward all the Health Services Programs including their budget(s)
  • Establish and implement proper accounting methods, policies and procedures
  • Provides personnel management, supervision, and evaluations of all Health Services Program staff
  • Establish and implement a system to supervise, track and evaluate day-to-day activities
  • Coordinate all Health Services Programs personnel to provide monthly activity reports
  • Monitor personnel functions and activities, and initiate acknowledgement or corrective actions
  • Responsible for the development, presentation, acceptance, implementation and monitoring workplan of all Health Services Programs
  • Responsible for ensuring healthcare facility meets or exceeds standards
  • Develops, establishes and implements a process to be up-to-date on Health Services Program regulations
  • Establish and implement a system to track and evaluate the community’s well-being, and initiate acknowledgement or corrective actions
  • Provides coordination and project management toward current, emerging, and new health issues
  • Proposal and Report Writing
  • Reports to and under the immediate supervision of the Nation’s Administrator


  • A professional designation in a Health-related field or equivalent experience in the health field
  • Knowledge of Treaty Health Benefits/Rights; Medical Services Branch; First Nation Inuit Health Branch; Health Canada; Indigenous Services Canada; Driftpile community profile
  • Clear CWIS and CPIC
  • Excellent communication (written and verbal) skills
  • Demonstrated field experience and ability to speak Cree are considered definite assets
  • A valid Alberta Driver’s license

Please send your résumé to:
Driftpile Cree Nation
Box 30, DRIFTPILE, Alberta T0G 0V0
Fax: (780) 355-3650
Attention: Administrator J.R. Giroux
Email: ecdev@dpcn.ca

Deadline for applications is: 12 Noon on October 12, 2018
Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Driftpile Cree Nation

The leadership of Driftpile Cree Nation (the "Nation") would like to share with its Members information that is sharable regarding our ongoing Agricultural Benefits claim, following the Community meeting on July 23, 2018, where leadership and the legal team for the Nation met with interested Band Members to give a brief overview of the current claim and to answer some questions regarding the Specific Claim process.

On August 14, 2018 the leadership and legal team for the Nation met with the Government of Canada and their negotiation team with a view to discussing what steps would be needed to be done after Step 1 is approved and in order to outline the respective roles and obligations of each of the parties throughout the pre-negotiation process; and to discuss the Negotiation Process with the Government of Canada in greater detail.

The nine (9) step Specific Claim Negotiation Process is attached to this Notice for our Members to review.

Currently, the Driftpile Cree Nation is awaiting the approval of Step 1 in the Specific Claim Negotiation Process, that is, the Claim is awaiting formal acceptance by the Government of Canada. While our leadership is hopeful that the Government of Canada will accept the Nation's Claim soon, there is unfortunately nothing that they can do to speed up the process and they request the continued patience and co-operation of the membership at this time.

Thank you.

The Specific Claim Negotiation Process: Step by Step

This flow chart outlines the steps usually taken in the negotiation process for specific claims.

Step 1: Claim Accepted for Negotiation Following a historical and legal review, specific claims are accepted for negotiation when Canada concludes it has an outstanding lawful obligation to the First Nation.

Step 2: Joint Negotiation Protocol Agreement Reached This is an agreement that sets out the process and "ground rules" for negotiations. It includes studies, timetables, etc.

Step 3: Studies/Research on Compensation Research and studies help negotiators determine the amount of compensation that should be paid to a First Nation when its claim is settled.

Step 4: Discussions on Compensation The negotiators review the studies and work to reach consensus on how much compensation would be fair to settle the claim.

Step 5: Settlement Proposal and Drafting of a Final Settlement Agreement The negotiators agree on the key terms of a proposed settlement. The settlement agreement is then drafted.

Step 6: Settlement Agreement Initialed by Negotiators Negotiators for the First Nation and the government initial the agreement.

Step 7: First Nation Ratification Vote First Nation members have an opportunity to say yes or no to the settlement agreement through a community vote.

Step 8: Ratification by Canada If approved by the First Nation membership, the next step is for the First Nation leadership and the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to sign the settlement agreement.

Step 9: Implementation of the Agreement Either land is transferred or cash is paid, as appropriate tot he specific claim.